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Cake Pricing and Serving Details:

Each custom cake is individually priced based on many different factors including size, degree of detail and ingredients used. We are happy to do our best to work within the confides of your planned budget to create a memorable cake for your event.  All quotes will be provided either via email, over the phone, or in person. 

Twilight Treat's custom cakes are priced per decorated cake and desired design rather than per slice and/or serving however below is a starting point of one may expect a cake to cost.                                   

For a basic but beautiful one tier or sheet cake approximate cost per serving would start at $4.  For tiered cakes, the average starting cost per slice would be $5.       

For either option this is the average starting point and from there the price will increase according to the complexity of the design, the work involved and the time/talent needed to complete the order.  

Sugar paste flowers, sculpted fondant figurines, other handmade sugar details, custom painting, logos and more can affect the price of the cake. The price always reflects the amount of time it takes to put such elements together for the look you want for your cake. Specially crafted custom designs, special dietary needs, recipes and specialty ingredients contribute to additional cost for the cake as well.  

3-Dimensional shaped and structured cakes are more expensive due to the amount of work needed for outside design detail of the cake but also inside, with the internal support & structure required to bring it to life! 3-D cakes typically start at $7/serving, however, the design and size of the cake determines the cost. 


Flavors with an asterisk beside it are amongst the most popular choices.  Pricing for flavors below may vary somewhat due to the ingredients and process involved, but that will be part of the conversation when we make a final quote.


Cake Flavor Options:

​·        Butter Pecan

·        Chocolate *

·        Cinnamon Swirl*

·        French Vanilla*

·        Fudge Marble*

·        Lemon Zest

·        Mocha

·        Red Velvet*

·        Spice

·        Spiced Carrot-

            -Traditional with or without nuts

            -Tropical (includes pineapple & coconut)* with or without nuts

·        Strawberry

·        Vanilla Sprinkle*

·        White Almond

**Other flavors may be available upon request**

Specialty Cake Flavor & Options:

·        Chocolate Lover's (Dessert Cake- non-decorated)

·        Peanut Butter Cup or Reese Pieces (Dessert Cake- non-decorated)

·        Raspberry-Coconut (Dessert Cake- non-decorated)

·        Mounds Cake (Dessert Cake – non-decorated)

·        Chocolate Thin Mint (Dessert Cake- non-decorated)

·        Eggless (ask for available flavors, additional charges may apply)

·        Gluten Friendly (ask for available flavors, additional charges may apply)

·        Sugar Free/Keto Friendly (ask for available flavors, additional charges may apply)

         Dairy Free (ask for available flavors, additional charges may apply)


Frosting & Filling Options:

·        Buttercream 

             -almond/vanilla, chocolate, lemon, mocha, raspberry, strawberry, white chocolate    

·        Chocolate Ganache

·        Chocolate Mousse

·        Coconut Pecan (German Chocolate Cake Filling and Icing)

·        Cookies & Creme

         Cream Cheese Frosting 

         Fudge Filling

         Jams/Preserves (blueberry, raspberry, strawberry)   

·        Lemon Curd

         Peanut Butter Filling

·        Pineapple Filling


**Other flavors may be available upon request**


~Twilight Treats is NOT a nut-free, dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free, sugar-free or wheat-free facility. While some products may be free of these ingredients, all products at Twilight Treats have the chance of sharing the air with allergen ingredients.

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